Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Life outside the court

Ever wondered what professional athletes do when they are not practicing? The answer is fairly simple: not much!!!
Let me describe an average day. I usually wake up at 9am so I can have a light breakfast before practice at 10am. After practice - around 11:30 - I go with my roommate David "a tomar algo". This spanish term can be literally translated into "take something"; it means to go to a cafe/bar and have a drink of any sort. Afterwards we return to the apartment and I chill out for the remainder of the afternoon (in this time I eat, spend some time on the internet, take a nap, etc.). At 5:40pm we leave the house for evening practice at 6pm. After practice - around 8pm - I go with my roommate "a tomar algo" again. When we return to the house depends on a lot of variables, such as how tired we are, if we meet friends, if we practice in the morning, if we have a game the next day, if we're having a bad day, etc.; thus the point of return is anywhere between 10pm and 5am.
Since we only play once a week on the weekends, all of the days are pretty much the same. It does get pretty boring at times, especially since I dont have to go to class or work. Fortunately I have a great roommate; David is an incredibly funny guy and makes every day interesting. Ill also be taking a spanish course online so that should keep me busy throughout the afternoons. If any of you have read a good book recently, definitely let me know.

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christopher said...

Martin, did you complete a graduate degree at UVM? How long do you plan to play professional basketball? How does your level of European basketball pay, compared to jobs you'll be looking at when you enter your next career?