Sunday, September 21, 2008

Alcazar de San Juan

Alcazar de San Juan is a small city (about 30000 inhabitants) about 70 miles south east of Madrid. The city is famous thanks to the the story of Don Quixote; Cervantes wrote the book in Alcazar and a lot of the story happens in this area. This is, unfortunately, the only cultural aspect of the city. The climate here is hot and dry (last year it rained here 8 times... Im serious, I kept a count) and the area is utilized for the growth of wine and olives. As a matter of fact, Im in the most uniteresting area of all Spain. Fortunately for this blog, however, we will be travelling all across Spain this year, so I will describe the different aspects of this country as the year goes on.

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Preston said...

Martin, thanks for the info on Alcazar de San Juan. I look forward to hearing more about the landscape and what you experience as you travel Spain.